Video Surfaces Of Nancy Pelosi Telling People To Gather In SF Chinatown in Late February!!

This one hurts like a dagger in the heart for the hapless Democrats and their leader Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi ripped Trump yesterday and blamed him for deaths in America related to the outbreak. Today, Nancy wakes up to see a video going viral of her on February 24th encouraging people to come down to Chinatown […]

Rashida Tlaib Sinks Dems, Proposes Giving Illegal Immigrants Stimulus Cash In New Program @CNN News

Rashida Tlaib just sunk the Democrats with a stunning proposal to deal with the coronavirus including giving direct cash to illegal immigrants. Her plan says: “In response to the Coronavirus crisis, the Automatic BOOST to Communities Act would immediately provide a U.S. Debit Card pre-loaded with $2000 to every person in America. Each card would […]

Pelosi: ‘Social Security Recipients Are Just A Burden On Society’! Fake News

It’ѕ nо ѕесrеt thаt the Dеmосrаt Pаrtу wаntѕ to eliminate thе ѕеnіоr’ѕ іnсоmе and mеdісаl рrоgrаmѕ thаt сіtіzеn’ѕ have раіd into all their lіvеѕ. They constantly tаlk аbоut mаѕѕіvе сutѕ to bоth Sосіаl Security аnd Medicare. Cоrtеz аnd Omar are knоwn tо hаvе called the рrоgrаmѕ ‘еntіtlеmеntѕ’ and seek thеіr еlіmіnаtіоn. Hоuѕе Dеmосrаtѕ аrе соnѕtаntlу […]

Omar: ‘When We Win in November, We Will Eliminate Social Security Entitlements for Seniors.’ <>

At a rally this week for communist fascist Bernie Sanders, Muslamic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar railed against entitlements for seniors, vowing to cut them and eventually eliminate them completely. “These old people haven’t earned these entitlements! We need more funding for our infrastructure and education centers and the biggest government expense is social security entitlements for […]

Four Networks Refuse To Air Trump Briefings, Say ‘This Man Is Not A Leader’

Trump has been helping America to heal with his daily press briefings ever since all of this began. He is providing the public with vital information that could very well save their lives. Every major network has been airing them as they see the great importance of this, but all that is about to change. […]

Michelle Obama Slams Country Music, Says It’s ‘Music for Morons’ @CNN News

Michelle Obama and her husband Barack are music fans. They love it. Except for country music, apparently drives them around the bend. They were recently interviewed and asked what concerts they would see after the crisis was over. They both said the obvious. Jay-Z. Beyoncé. Maybe one of The Who’s 427 farewell tours. When the […]

Social Security Payments to End in 2024 Under Democrat Plan @CNN News

Today House Democrats unveiled their plans to completely eliminate Social Security entitlements for seniors. Pelosi said the cuts would give the government more money to fund welfare benefits for immigrants and inner-city Americans. AOC also praised the plan: “This will be a great plan. The boomers are dying off anyway, so why waste these funds […]

Clinton Foundation Investigator Kenneth McCormick Found Dead

The Clinton body count continues to grow. Clinton Foundation investigator and prosecutor Kenneth McCormick was found dead today in the driveway of his home in South Park, Colorado under extremely mysterious circumstances. According to reliable sources in the Department of Justice, Mr. McCormick was in the final phase of his investigation into criminal activity by […]

Pelosi Caught Red Handed By Trump Initiating Plans To Cheat In 2020 Election By CNN News

Trump hating Democrats will do anything possible just to remove him from Office. Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying so hard to make this coronavirus pandemic works to her favour. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted on Friday supporting dubious means that will result in election fraud. Vote-by-mail is essential to protecting the future […]

Nasty Nancy: “Vote-By-Mail Is More Democratic” Than Voting in Person With ID @CNN News

During an appearance on MSNBC, Pelosi told host Lawrence O’Donnell that she intends to shove a $3.6 billion ‘vote-by-mail’ proposal into the latest coronavirus stimulus bill. “First of all, we’re now calling it ‘Voting at Home’ because that’s really what it’s all about, enabling people to vote at home,” Pelosi told O’Donnell. “And in the […]

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