CA Gov Newsom:’The US Military Are No Longer Welcome In California’

Gavin Newsom, flanked by Lt. Governor Sarah Jessica Maher, read a brief statement stating that the United States Military and all of its members, both currently serving and former, will no longer be welcome in the State of California and will be subject to the state’s strict trespassing laws, should they be anywhere in the state beginning October 1st. The law will ban anyone passing through the state, including cruise ships and airports.

The liberal, Constitution hating 9th Circuit Court’s gross misinterpretation of the 10th Amendment has given them the right to follow through with this action. It’s like they have no clue that Iran wants to kill all of us.

In Newsom’s words:

“We will be an open border utopia. Our thirty soon-to-be-former military bases will provide free housing, food, cars, and a $5,000 per person per month stipend to anyone who wants it, provided that they are in the country illegally. Legal citizens need not apply.

As a condition of receiving our generosity, they will simply need to register as Democrats and vote a straight ticket. In fact, we’ll have special ballots printed with only Democrats on them. The era of oppression from the military industrial complex will soon be over in the State of California!”

Republican State Senate Minority Leader Meghan Lewis was aghast by this announcement.

“Newsom is out of his mind. The military is what keeps the scary foreign people out. Top Gun was about the flight school that was somewhere in California. I can’t believe they killed Goose. Those bastards aren’t honoring his memory and the second movie sucked. Why couldn’t Clint Eastwood write it? Now that’s a great American! Not some stupid liberal like the governor that wants to give everything away to illegals! Why couldn’t they kill Joker instead? He was barely in the movie!”

Our great military and country deserves better than someone who puts illegal aliens ahead of our citizens. It’s time that we let California leave the United States. After all, 7 rows of 7 stars is way easier to figure out than whatever the hell the flag has on it now.

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CA Gov Newsom:’The US Military Are No Longer Welcome In California’

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